Ault Aviation Services


Mobile A&P IA Mechanic

Our certified technician can travel to your hangar if you are within our service area! Or you can opt to bring your plane to a hangar at a local airport. We do owner assisted jobs, if desired. Call us for more information or to schedule our technician today! 

AD on your tail?

We can comply with almost any AD whether it is literally on your tail like the Cessna AD or if its a visual inspection on the wing spars of a Piper, or a re-occurring AD you need done every year or 5 years.

Routine Maintenance

We can do general maintenance as well, change your tire, pack bearings, clean and treat corrosion, service struts, etc.

Annual Inspections

Had your annual yet? From engine compression tests to landing gear swings, we can inspect it all! We comply with airworthiness directives and can service all general aviation! We also allow owner assisted annuals if you want to get to know your airplane better, or cut down on costs!


Minor & Major Repair or Alterations

We can do everything – from STC’s to wing rib repair! 

Pre-purchase inspection

We can do a pre-purchase inspection. The inspection will be signed off as an annual when completed – meaning you won’t have to worry about that inspection until next year.

Pitot Static Testing Coming Soon!

Pitot Static Testing will be available soon!  We are on a waiting list with the FAA to have our application processed and hoping to be certified by the end of the year!

**Our rates based on location.  Certain exceptions may apply and rates are subject to change.**